I can’t even tell you how thrilling it is, the “do nothing day”.  Not for me, of course.  I’m a MOM.  I will ALWAYS have something to do.  My child’s calendar has NOTHING, nada, zip, zilch on it.  The last time this happened, he was in awe.  “You mean, we’re not going somewhere?”.  It was as if his 4 year old brain couldn’t even process it.  YES.  that’s right. Be prepared to be bored kid.  Cause mommy needs a little boredom in her life right now.  And guess what? So do you.

I love my boys and believe in keeping kids busy as a general rule, but I also truly believe some boredom is GOOD for kids.  They need to have downtime, to not have something shoved in their face to do next.  Kids need to learn how to be independent, how to create fun or interest for themselves.  And Hashem knows it’s not like they don’t have 1,000 different toys and books to keep themselves inspired.

See that little void in your calendar kid?  (insert happy dance here)  That’s where you learn to suck it up and figure it out, because mommy has chores to do and you’re on your own! Growing up is a hard job and it’s your turn to do it…

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