So I gave birth to a baby yesterday and I’m not talking about my Jack O’ Lantern. Someone I’ve never met face to face reached out to me this week. I’m Jewish, she’s Jewish and she wants to meet more Jewish women in our community and needs me to lead the way. It’s a humbling and overwhelming task.

As a busy mom of 2, another project or havurah seems like one more “thing” on my plate I don’t really have time for. How does this woman even know she’s going to like me when we do get face to face? It’s all overwhelming at first, so I offer to do what I am comfortable with and feels easy. A Facebook group.

Jewish Women of Long Beach. In the last 30 hours, it has grown to 200 women. Another wave of excitement and fear. What have I done? What will this create? Who will be touched and changed by this one simple act that has already affected so many (albeit in a most superficial way) so quickly?

So far the feedback is the same. What a great idea! I can’t believe this group didn’t already exist, etc… The potential is limitless. Which brings on a whole new wave of worries. How will I make it meaningful and inclusive? How will I make it fun? What if it becomes polluted with unwanted postings or rude comments? So what do I do? Carve a pumpkin.

Take a blank slate and give it life. Get ready to celebrate Shabbatween. Know that if my intentions are pure and my mind is open, anything is possible.

May the Schwartz be with you


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