As Mommellah, taking care of my family is my top priority.  But a part of being a good provider is also taking steps to make sure our neighborhoods are the best they can be.  How do you do that and manage a busy lifestyle?

Whether you’re chasing after the kiddos or closing deals, life makes plenty of excuses for us to not go out and become the neighborhood block captain.  So, how do I do my part in making my slice of Long Beach a fabulous place to live?  I cheat.  And use my “smart” phone to its highest potential with the following apps.  If you don’t have a smartphone, but a little more time and a computer, I’ve included links to the apps for you as well.

Go Long Beach
This app turns anyone with a smartphone into a neighborhood champion.  It is best for reporting code enforcement concerns, graffiti, trash, potholes and faded street signs, but offers many other options for working with city departments for neighborhood improvement.

SCE Outages
This app allows you to view a map of Southern California and any planned, as well as unplanned power outages.  Most importantly, it allows you to report a power outage in your home, or a street light that’s lost its power.  Because how many desktops will you be able to use if all your power goes out?  This app is brilliant.

South Coast AQMD -AQMDV3
Get real time air quality reports and report any funky smells you come across right when you smell them.  If you want my two scents, download this app.

This is a Facebook for you and your neighbors.  Privately join or create your neighborhood network and have a community watch at your fingertips.  It’s a great way to stay alert and informed about what’s happening in your immediate vicinity.

Long Beach Police Department -LBPD
I’m prefacing this with: PLEASE call 911 if you know something in your neighborhood is NOT right.  This app has crime maps, submit a tip, Nixile news/tips and more.  Great to use on the go in conjunction with Nextdoor.

Earthquake by American Red Cross
I use this mostly because I’m a paranoid Jewish mother who pretty much freaks out every time a building shakes for any reason.  This app alerts me when an earthquake has actually happened, which, in turn, puts me at ease.  You can set the locations you’re interested in and the strength of earthquakes you want to be notified about.

Press Telegram
This is great for keeping up with current, local news when the idea of shoving one more thing into the diaper bag is inconceivable.  As much as I would love to sit around and browse leisurely through a paper while sipping my morning coffee, the reality is, I’m usually chugging it down while making breakfast, cleaning the house, or changing a diaper.  When I do get a chance to catch up on local news, I love that this app is close at hand and can catch me up, in between the spit ups and play dates.

And that’s the LB skinny on how I am a super mom AND a super neighbor.
May the Schwartz be with you.


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