7 reasons baby #2 is easier than #1

All my life I’ve wanted more than one child.  I have been blessed with 2 in 2 years.  As much as there are a lot of things that are more difficult to do with 2, this second baby has been so much easier to handle than the first.  Don’t get me wrong, my 2nd isn’t any better or more well behaved than my first was (I am blessed with generally easy kids all around), but he seems easier to take care of and here’s why:

  1. I know what to expect.  Round 2: Confidence to the max!
  2. I have a  toddler to chase after.  This means I have less time to dedicate to my youngest.
  3. Diaper stations are already everywhere.  We have 3 in our house and I just knock out the changings all at once.
  4. I’m not reading a million baby books.  Who knows what developmental milestones a 5 month old is “supposed” to be hitting?  NOT me.
  5. I REALLY cherish the quiet moments with #2.  They are few and far between, so when I can make him laugh or take an extra minute with bath time to look in his eyes, it seems even more precious than it did the first time around (and kicks in the guilt, but hey, I’m a Mommellah, guilt is part of the package).
  6. I’m not sitting in my nursing chair waiting for the next milestone.  #1 took (what felt like) FOREVER to turn over, start teething, etc… and #2? Oh yeah, I guess he just did all of those things while we weren’t looking.
  7. He’s been crying it out since he came home from the hospital.  Sorry kid, can’t get to you right away.  You know what?  He’s usually sleeping by the time I DO get to him.

So mommellahs, take it easy.  You blink and they are up and running!


May the Schwartz be with you


10 Questions all Mommellahs ask

Whether you’re Jewish or not, most moms can relate to these 10 questions…

10.  Who’s your little friend? Are they Jewish?

9.  What’s with these shpilkes? Didn’t you get messhugah at the park?

8.  Is my bubbellah too hot?

7.  Is my bubbellah too cold?

6.  Is my bubbellah eating too much?

5.  Is my bubbellah not eating enough?

4.  You call that a nap?!

3.  Can you please sit still while I wipe this schmutz off your face?

2.  Do you love your mother?  Then (place direction here)

1.  What am I going to do with you?!

May the Schwartz be with you!